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And so it begins

I'm so very excited to be speaking tomorrow at the Saskatchewan Family Medicine Conference.

Reading medical journals and blogs, we are inundated by buzz words that are intended to explain the pain that doctors are feeling because of their work. Things like burnout, resilience, grit, wellness, moral injury. Most of them make it feel as though we are to be blamed for how hard being a good doctor is. They are adding to our already full plate.

We feel like we are burned out because we aren't doing enough.

We should be doing yoga, should be meditating, should colour, should call our mom.

To be as strong as we need to be, to make the changes in the health care system that we need to make, we need to learn to take things off our plate instead of adding them on. When our plates are too full, it doesn't take much for everything to end up on the floor.

This blog is intended for me to explore some of these ideas and hopefully make it easier for you to do the same.

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